Welcome to flegistoⓇ.

At flegisto, we believe that recruiting nursing professionals from abroad plays an important role in healthcare provision in Germany. Our goal is to place newly arrived nursing professionals in hospitals and nursing homes and support them to the best of our abilities. In doing so, we not only improve the care of our patients but also create better living conditions for nursing professionals and their families.

Our work is based on expertise, cultural understanding, and a humane approach. We are convinced that we can learn from each other and together create a positive environment. Our task is not only to promote the professional development of nursing professionals but also to support and accompany them as individuals. We go further when others stop.

Our philosophy is characterized by a warm welcome in the new home and support in integration. We understand that homesickness and loneliness are often reasons why foreign nursing professionals leave Germany. Therefore, we attach great importance to social integration and teamwork. Nobody is left alone with us. We focus on empowering both new team members and colleagues on-site.

Our values are based on a clear vision, a dedicated mission, and an appreciative attitude. We are convinced that our efforts not only improve healthcare but also create an inclusive and supportive community where we learn from each other, are there for each other and together achieve good.

Welcome to flegisto, where we are aware of the responsibility that comes with recruiting and integrating international nursing professionals. We commit ourselves to live and promote these principles in every step of our work.